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President (517) 651-2499
1st Vice-President (517) 896-5338
2nd Vice-President (517) 614-7222
Secretary (517) 651-6830
Treasurer (517) 651-5744
Board Member (2 Years) 2017-2019 (517) 651-5292
Board Member (2 Years) 2017-2019 (517) 651-6272
Board Member (1 Year) 2017-2018 (517) 651-6254
Board Member (1 Year) 2017-2018 (517) 651-6027
Tail Twister (517) 655-9381
Lion Tamer (517) 651-6477
Membership Chairman (517) 599-6064
Immediate Past President (517) 230-0381

For Membership information - Call Mike Foster at 599-6064

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