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Info & History of "Bates Scout Basketball Court" - 2018

During the term of Lion President Mike Foster as president, it was brought forward to the board that the Bates Scout Park basketball court had deteriorated so immensily, that it was no longer used. The board started a lengthy process of proceeding with the contruction of a new basket ball court. In July of 2016, an approximate cost of $32,000 was put forth to the board.

2016 - The project started with the approval of $3,700 in October to remove some trees that were both a safety issue for general park users and preventing the increase in size of the court.

2017 - The old concrete court was removed in 2017 and initial grading and filling of the surface in prep for the new concrete surface was accomplished. There were 6 Pro Dunk Basketball Systems consisting of poles, backboards and their support structures, as well as mounting plates and anchor bolts/rebar that were purchased. They were delivered in the fall of 2017 and stored in the barn over the winter.

2018 - In April/May of 2018 final grading and surface preperation was completed.

2018 - In May Owosso Redi Mix delivered the 70 yards of concrete just prior to the 2018 Lions Springtime Festival.

2018 - On June 2nd the two end hoops were installed by eight volunteers which took about 4 hours.

2018 - On June 6th the four side hoops were installed by eight volunteers which took 2 more hours.

2018 - As of July 9th, waiting for the concrete to finish curing so line staining/sealing can be applied.

Main project leaders were Terry Fraidenburg and Dane Nickols.

Basketball court construction by Jim Conklin of Xtreme Mason Contractors & Concrete Construction

Concrete supplied by Owosso Redi Mix delivered the 70 yds on concrete

The basketball hoop systems and installation instructions and engineering information were provided by Pro Dunk Hoops Corporate and some links to their website are listed below.

Pro Dunk Hoops Logo     Pro Dunk Hoops Corporate
22047 Lutheran Church Rd.
Suite 1
Tomball TX 77377
Pro Dunk Hoops

Two different systems were installed.

Pro Dunk Silver
Pro Dunk Gold/Platinum

Installation related manuals/pdf's

official NFHS High School court layout.pdf



The pic shown above was taken after the city removed the broken backboard just after they were installed due to a juvenile who thought the glass backboard couldn't be broken by a rock. Now his parents have to make restitution to the city in the approximate amount of $700.00


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