Current and Past Springtime Festival Kings and Queens
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2018 Ed and Diane Carpenter
2017 Bob & Jean Haggerty
2016 Mike & Gloria Danek
2015 Richard & Harriet Colf
2014 William & Jenett Potter
2013 Elwin & Beverly Hicks
2012 Leo and Jean Canning
2011 Rollie and Kay Nickols
2010 Harold and Mary Jane Walters
2009 Duane & Glenna Ginther
2008 John and Ginny Carroll
2007 Bob and Norma Lee
2006 Al and Myra Fraidenburg
2005 Corliss "JR" and Penny Schlicher
2004 Dale and Francis Slee
2003 Keith and Nancy Kienitz
2002 Stan and Jean Morrill
2001 Gerald and Geri Rowley
2000 Dee and Helen Weaver
1999 Don and Mary Harris
1998 Kenneth and Margaret Brink
1997 Charles and Edul Hunt
1996 Gene and Lee Wild
1995 Bob and Jean Leonard
1994 Bert and Betty Swarthout
1993 Vic and Donnah Jorae
1992 Glen and Dorthy Watson
1991 Leland and Elizabeth Cribbs
1990 Lawrence and Naomi Dix
1989 Claud and Esther Jones
1988 Basil and Marian Acker
1987 Lynn and Bernice Hutchings
1986 Ed and Edna Hurst
1985 Harry and Fran Gray
1984? Rae and Ethyl Gibbs?
1984? George and Vi Palmer?
1983 Ward and Beulah Wagner


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