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June 9, 2019

What We've Done (WWD)
- Successful White Cane Fundraiser
- Successful Work Day in the Park
- Handicamp Ramp Installation
- Successful Spring Festival

What We Need To Do (WWNTD)
- Next regular meeting June 13
- Charter Night June 27 at the Peacock Road Tree Farm
- Promptly pay your dues
- Golf Outing - August 10
- September 11-14 Gaming Event
- Review how you have supported the Lions this year

WWD 1: We had a successful White Cane Fundraiser this spring which allowed us to support eight Lions and local projects. We have received notes of appreciation from most of the organizations. Thanks to you who worked on the project. We need to get more support for this event next year so that fewer members have to work multiple shifts AND so that we can cover the major money maker locations more.

Donations to:

Respite Volunteers of Shiawasse County Project Kidsight
Leader Dogs For the Blind Braille Transcribing Fund
WKAR Radio Reading Fund Lions Clubs International Foundation
Eversight (Eye bank/Transplation center) Diabetes Project

WWD 2: The park work day went well with many trees planted, two tetherballs installed, and the gaga pit installed. Again, thanks to those of you who helped made it happen-these things do not just happen. Someone makes them happen.

WWD 3: Handicapped Ramp - A ramp was requested of us and Dave Pursel investigated and planned the installation, the board approved it, and a number of Lions installed it.

The family that received it was very happy how it turned out, and how it was going to change their lives. The ramp, when attached to their small porch, provided space so a wheelchair-bound person could sit outside enjoy the outdoors. And of course, navigate to the ground level.

WWD 4: Springtime Festival - Except for Sunday afternoon, we had perfect weather. The turnout Friday and Saturday was very good, and we did well those days. We had good ticket sales. I found that the tickets were in general an easy sale because of the projects like the basketball court and other park projects, and the school projects we've done. We've done a better job recently in publicizing our projects and asking for community input. The Laingsburg Community Facebook Page is proving beneficial, especially with the expertise of Holli Denson in using it. All of us Facebook users can improve its effectiveness even more by sharing posts to our friends. We are not 100% done with the accounting for the festival, but we did well. Thanks to you who diligently sold the raffle tickets, (Pam and Larry Wagner-my new heroes) who worked on the chicken dinner (Chuck and Debbie Ross! Another great job in leading us), the parade (thanks again to Ed Carpenter and some of his staff), euchre, clean-up, crafts, and whatever needed to be done. I would also like to especially thank our members who stepped up in the absence of Larry L. Sparkes to provide the leadership for the Springtime Festival: Larry C. Sparkes, Clyde Stanlake, and Lori St. Clair. I am confident Larry L is proud of you three.

WWNTD 1: Next Regular Meeting - Our meeting attendance has recently been, quite frankly, horrible. Our next regular meeting is June 13, board meeting at 6:00 PM (all members are welcome), meal and meeting at 7:00 PM. There will be a compelling, interesting, life-changing, relevant, block buster program! (Hyperbole alert!) I will be presenting an interesting topic about one part of custom fishing rod building. :-) I think it will be interesting for those who fish and those who don't.

WWNTD 2: Charter Night - Charter night is at the Peacock Road Tree Farm on June 27 - gathering at 6:30, dinner at 7:00. When the Carpenters are doing Charter Night, you can be assured of a very fine dinner, great service, and a very nice facility. This is a meeting you don't want to miss. We will need to inform them of the count in advance, so let Ed Arthur know that you plan to attend.

WWNTD 3: Promptly pay your dues - Dues invoices have gone out, many of you have already paid, thank you. If there are any questions on dues please let me know. They are due by the end of this month. It is OK to pay for half the fiscal year.

WWNTD 4: Golf Outing August 10 - Please contact Terry Fraidenburg on how you can help him pull of the Golf Outing. This is one of your major fund raisers, and a fun day at the course. If you've missed meetings and want to move back into the 100% category, participating in fund raisers help. Each removes a missed meeting from the books.

WWNTD 5: Gaming Event September 11-14 - Each gaming event raises about one third of a Springtime Festival. Gaming events are our most efficient fund raisers from a resource requirement perspective, so here is where your hours of participation make the most money for the club. They are fun, they provide good socializing with fellow members, the gamers are almost 100% pleasant people to deal with, and when you participate it eliminates the need for others to work as many as four shifts. It is not right when some work four shifts and some capable members work none. If we don't cover the shifts properly we will not get further gaming licenses, and that will cost the club about $12K in lost revenue. Ride sharing is almost always available. If you are not experienced with the gaming events and are reluctant to sign up, we will make sure you have experienced help with you. This is not rocket science. Please keep the dates open on your calendars so you can help.

WWNTD 6: Take inventory of how you supported the club this year - Yes, it's a touchy subject for a volunteer organization, but volunteer organizations require volunteer participation to succeed. We are a volunteer organization. Some members are limited in what they can do; work has to be accommodated, and no one is expected to do everything. Before we start the new year it is a good time to take our personal inventory of how we supported the club. Have we given the participation that we pledged to give at our induction?

- Have you regularly attended meetings?

- Did you participate in our January, February, and March gaming events?

- Did you participate in our January and February spaghetti dinners?

- Did you participate in the April Work Day in the Park?

- Did you participate in the White Cane Drive?

- Did you participate in the handicapped ramp assembly?

- Did you participate in the Springtime Festival? How many tickets did you sell?

Please take a few minutes to assess your support of the club. No one can do everything, and no one expects them to. How do you feel about your support inventory?

Michael Danek - Treasurer
517-651-5744 or
Your comments will be welcomed

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