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White Cane Event
Info for Laingsburg Lion Members
October 14, 2023
Location: Downtown four corners (next to Leonards Hardware)

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Saturday - October 14th, 2023

The White Cane Chairman will be at the city hall 15 minutes before each shift start.

We will collect regardless of weather, unless really bad weather. (ie. Hurricanes and Tornados)

This year we need 8 Lion members to fill the 8 time slots with each time slot lasting 1 1/2 hours long.

About 5-10 minutes before your shift time, come down to the city hall meeting room located at the back of City Hall.

You can pick up your needed Lion Aprons, White Cane collection containers, miniture white canes, brochures, candy mints, and etc.

Proceed up to the four corners and fight over - with your fellow Lion member - about who gets the west or east side of the 4 corners, and relieve your fellow Lion.

When relieved, bring your collection container and supplies back down to the city hall.

Your welcome to leave or you can help count and organize your collection.

Thanks for "We Serve"

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