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Poker Event
Info for Laingsburg Lion Members
April 8-11, 2024
Location: Event Spot, 5601 West Saginaw, Suite B, Lansing
Behind “Honey Baked Hams” 517-282-7724

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The Poker signup sheet shows the current date / time slots that need or have been filled.

Please select 1-2 time slots and send me an email (listed at the bottom of this page) with your desired date / time(s).

I will update the signup sheet and send a confirmation email to you providing that someone hasn't already selected that time slot.

Note: The 1st time slot for a given day includes a 15 minute setup/arrival time which will allow you enough time to get your shift set up for the day.

This signup sheet will remain posted for your convience.

                    * * * * * * * * * * IMPORTANT NOTICES * * * * * * * * *

For those who have signed up for the 1st time slot of a given day, make sure you have the starting cash that can be obtained from Lion Mike Danek.

The last shift of the day needs to assure that the usb thumb drive and license materials are put in the drawer prior to leaving.

Also the cash revenues have to be delivered to Mike Danek for deposit.

Who ever is working the last / final day of our event needs to deliver the USB and paperwork to Mike Danek.

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Lion member
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